Welcome to My World

Fire and steel... A passion, that has grown in me from childhood until today.

  Born and raised in Morlupo, a little town in the countryside north of Rome, Italy, I often saw my father and grandfathers working with their little folders.  Their knives were always in their hands or--at least, in their pockets.  Becoming accustomed to this sight, I grew a love for this useful object whose concept is stemming from the dawn of Man.

  My passion for making and forging of knives started while watching the movie "Conan the Barbarian".  I have always been fascinated by the combining of fire with traditional, ancestral or ancient knowledge. This combination can give rise to simple ideas making them real, "living" things. 

  For a bladesmith even simple scraps of old rusted iron, when combined properly, generate new, high performing, pretty-looking, Damascus steel.

  Growing up I discovered that the power of fire can be held in the hand of a skilled craftsman who can change the matter.


That's why I built my first forge.

That's why I make Damascus.


Who am I?

I am a now a man who likes to create things with my hands. It's a family thing.  My father has the passion of growing plants, my brother is a craftsman (high level mason) and I am a craftsman too.  I am a professional luthier which means I make acoustic stringed instruments.  All of these jobs use knives, especially luthiers, where almost every task uses a sharp hand tool.  Since my brother and I  cannot let our hands rest, we started to refurbish some cheap knives we owned. First we attempted to make them more comfortable and sharper. Then we both thought: "Why don't we try to make a whole knife?"

...We built a forge to make Damascus.  We hammered a lot on an improvised anvil made from tractor iron.  Next, we used the steel from the rail of a railroad.  Finally, we hammered on a wonderful 100 kg anvil. I will never forget our excitement when the courier showed up with our anvil in his truck...

Hammering damascus bar
Folding Damascus Knife
Sub Hilt Bowie Damascus Knife
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